Silwanendlala Multi Purpose Centre

Silwanendlala Multi-Purpose Centre


Silwanendlala is a drop in centre that was converted to a multipurpose centre. The centre is based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga in a village called Phola Trust. The organisation is currently looking after 97 children who come to the centre for meals and other programmes. The centre targets orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from the ages of 8-18.


The centre has expanded its services by introducing other activities such as farming, a soccer team and educational programmes.

Silwandendlala has a registered co-operative called Umthunzi Agricultural Co-operative. This co-op was initiated for the purpose of sustainability. All monies generated by the co-op is used to sustain the project.

The soccer team, Silwa Young Stars, was started to keep the kids away from drugs and alcohol as well as to entertain them. They team is doing very well and even wins competitions!

In the past 3 years, the centre started an educational programme where they assist the children with their studies. Silwanendlala is very proud that in 2015 they were able to send 3 of their children to University!

Silwanendlala’s main challenge is financial support to sustain the programmes they run and remunerate the carers who have devoted their lives to the children.

You can visit their website:  or call 073 4600325 for more info.

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