Asiphile E-Uganda Home Based Care


Based in Durban at Umlazi

We deal with HIV/AIDS infected and affected patients. We also include chronic illnesses.

We deal with about 500 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).


We have 14 community Care Givers who conduct door to door visits.

We also conduct awareness campaigns and psycho-social support.

We distribute food parcels and school uniforms to OVCs. We assist them with their school work and home work. Teaching basic skills such as praying and bathing.

We have child headed families who have no food and sometimes sleep without meals, we assist them where we can.

We work jointly with O.S.S (Operation Sukuma Sakhe) whereby referrals are submitted to relevant departments such as SASSA for social grants.

Our challenges are:

We are only funded by one funder, Department of Social Development, who caters for 70 OVCs where as we have over 500 OVCs in our community.

We wish to operate a soup kitchen for school going children.

We still need training for management, staff, community members and community based care givers.