What we offer

CATHCA offers a variety of  trainings ranging between HWSETA accredited and non-accredited trainings listed below. Our facilitation methodology acknowledges previous learning, is highly interactive and allows participants to contribute to their own learning through experiential, fun and engaging learning activities.






Accredited training Non-accredited short courses
1Certificate in Community Health Care level 2 1. Gender Based violence
2.Certificate in Community Health Care level Advocacy and communication skills for constructive community dialogues
Accredited skills programmes / short courses Human rights and how they affect and relate to communities
3.Maternal and Child Care training level 4 Pastoral care training

Hopeful compassion

4.HIV and AIDS and TB Dots support ART adherence monitoring training
5. Management of HBC and HAAST Psycho-social support
  Lay first-aid trauma counselling





CATHCA is equipped to train a variety of target audiences ranging from primary school children to adults.


1.Any organizations or individuals seeking quality training in health care related issues but at competitive costs.

2. Every member organization of CATHCA seeking training of individuals or organizations who work hand in hand with us in in providing quality health services to those in our communities.